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We offers financial solutions to augment our investors wealth and we facilitate creating a legacy.

  • Transfer of Physical Shares to Demat

Your physical share certificates will not go wasted! Convert physical shares to demat now.

  • Transmission of Shares

Transmission of shares takes place when registered member dies or is adjudicated insolvent or lunatic by competent court

  • IEPF Claim

The IEPFA Authority is entrusted with the responsibility of administration of the Investor Education Protection Fund (IEPF), making refunds of shares

  • Rectify IEPF Discrepancy

IEPF Authority provides one more chance to the claimant to correct the details and to re-submit the form again.

  • Unclaimed Dividends

An unpaid dividend is a dividend that is due to be paid to shareholders but has not yet been distributed.

Easy2Found Services

Offers you 

Maximise returns by investing in the Pre-IPO shares. Invest in Unlisted Shares and Grab upto 10X returns.

Yes! You can definitely grab the higher returns from the secondaries and highly vetted startups stock. Begin your investment journey in the startup opportunities and unlisted equity now.

Benefits of buying unlisted stocks:

Lowest price

Higher returns

Diversified risk

Stable deals

Easy & Transparent transactions

Interested to know more about unlisted equity?

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