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Easy2Found services is the coming together of problem solvers, the game changers with a shared vision of democratizing financial services.

The noted business magnate and investor Warren Buffet once famously said “Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second income source.” Built on the bedrock of this mantra, we, at Easy2Found services Pvt. Ltd, offer financial solutions to augment our client’s wealth and facilitate creating a legacy.


We believe in unbiased advice; personalized recommendations and solutions based on financial goals, risk appetite and challenges of our clients. We focus on our client's financial well-being and offer investment solutions with high-quality options for wealth creation and legacy building.


We are constantly finding better ways to serve our clients with the best talent, continual learning, innovation and improvement for our team to facilitate investment performance optimization.


Our investment approach is always long term. As investment consultants to HNIs and UHNIs we believe in balance, stability and tactical solutions. We handhold the millennials and GenZ investors in planning early and building a legacy.

Our Experience

We educate our clients. In the age of information overload and confusion, Easy2Found Services envisions providing clarity to investors and helping them pursue their long-term financial objectives

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